Refractory Raw Materials Manufacturers in India



Dead-burned dolomite is produced when dolomite is calcined at very high temperatures. It is used both as a refractory product in granular form to repair linings and for making the bricks used in the refractory linings of casting ladles and cement kilns.

Quartz (Silica Ramming Mass)

It is a dry lining refractory that can be used for all types of iron and steel and in both small steel plants as well as in foundries.


Mica Powder is used in the manufacturing of insulating bricks, slabs, blocks and tiles because of its excellent thermal and insulating properties. Since mica bricks can safely withstand extreme temperatures of 1000'C, it keeps heat losses to minimum, minimizes energy consumption, reduces operating costs, enhances furnace efficiency and improves furnace room condition. An additional advantage of mica bricks is stability after long use.


For refractory bricks and monolithic, feldspar has several advantageous properties. At high temperature it swells and melts to form a glassy surficial coat on the brick which helps prevent ingress of molten metal to the interior. Feldspar is added as one of the batch constituent for refractory.

China Clay (Kaolin)

The refractory properties of clay are a function of its alumina content and the level of impurities present. The extremely low alkali content of certain kaolin clay makes them important in the manufacture of super-duty firebrick with enhanced hot load bearing properties. Kaolin-based bodies are used to make all kinds of refractory parts for industry. Kiln wash is often made from 50:50 mix of kaolin and silica.

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