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We supply different kinds of natural minerals used in paper industry.


Talc is used in three stages of paper making - as a filler, to control pitch and stickiness and in paper coating. During the paper making process, the micro impurities can clog the paper machinery. Talc being hydrophobic absorbs these micro droplets thus controlling their stickiness and avoids clogging. High brightness of talc leads to reduction in usage of expensive whitening agents and helps in controlling gloss of the coat. Talc gives smoothness, yellow index, porosity, opacity to paper, improves its yellow index and reduces the deterioration of the machinery.

Calcite (Calcium Carbonate)

In paper sector, micronized calcite has been used in paper and cardboard production by adding it into cellulose in different proportions. Filler is used at the wet-end of paper making machines. Since calcite increases the whiteness of paper, naturally grinded calcite is preferred where costs of making pulp are high. Grinded micronized calcite keeps less water and increases amount of drawn water and consequently production speed increases.

Because of its cheapness and technical properties it added to paper, calcite has been used in paper sector instead of Talc in the World - primarily by developed Western Countries. Calcite has also contributed to environmental health by decreasing cellulose optical whiteners in Paper sector.

China Clay (Kaolin)

It is used in variety of papers, cardboards, hard boards and others. China clay consists of fine white powder, also known as opal gamma kaolin, which is used to make paper more opaque and smooth and reduce shrinkage. It is especially useful in paper casting and will appeal to papermaker.


In the papermaking industry, high-refined barite powder can be used as the filling of white paperboard and coat paper, improves the whiteness and percentage of coverage.


Bentonite is crucial to paper making, where it is used in pitch control (i.e. absorption of wood resins that tend to obstruct the machines), to improve the efficiency of the conversion of pulp into paper, and to improve the quality of the paper. Bentonite also offers useful de-inking properties for paper recycling. In addition, acid activated bentonite is used as the active component in the manufacture of carbonless copy paper.

Mica Scrap

Muscovite mica is invaluable in the electrical industry because of its unique combination of physical, chemical and thermal properties, low power loss factor, dielectric constant and dielectric strength. Mica Paper is manufactured from superior quality mica scrap as a principal raw material by calcined (thermo-chemical) and uncalcined (hydro-chemical) process in the form of continuous rolls. The mica paper manufacturing process is similar to manufacturing of normal sheet paper. The mica pulp is made & treated through a paper-making machine to make thick mica plate for meeting the demands of high-performance thermal & electrical insulation.

Abrasive Garnet:- Abrasive Paper made out of abrasive grains are mainly used for the surface preparation application for painting and removing of the corrosion particles, which gives new life to surface preparation.

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