Interesting Facts about Quartz

Industrial Use of Quartz at Palash Minerals in Bangladesh
July 6, 2018
Important Uses and Advantages of Quartz
August 13, 2018

Quartz, the second most commonly found mineral on Earth, is used across various industries for numerous reasons. It is a hard mineral, stubborn and sturdy with various hues and colors. Let us share some interesting facts about Quartz with you

Quartz gets various names due to the varied range of colors it comes in. Pink colored Quartz is considered quite precious and is known as Rose Quartz while purple colored Quartz is called Amethyst. Yellow and orange hues give it the name of Citrine. Some Quartz crystals scatter light (known as the Tyndall’s Effect) giving it a blue appearance.

Brazil houses lines that produce the largest Quartz. The largest Quartz mined in Brazil weight 90,000 lbs.

  1. When pressurized Quartz can conduct electricity. Due to this, it founds use in various industries. This gives it the name piezoelectric. It is used in various electronic devices too.
  2. Due to its clarity, resonance and vibrancy, Quartz is considered as a spiritual mineral in various cultures and is used various spiritual practices like meditation.
  3. Quartz is used in time pieces due to its accurate oscillations. Quartz clocks are more accurate than mechanical clocks.
  4. Clarity of Quartz leads to its use in glass making.
  5. Quartz is made up of Silicon and Oxygen. Since it contains silicon, Quartz is used in the internal parts of computer.
  6. In the prehistoric times, Quartz was used to make stone tools. Ireland Civilization used Quartz widely for this purpose.
  7. Due to its brilliance, broad range of colours and lustre Quartz is widely used in jewellery industry as gemstone.
  8. Pure quartz is absolutely clear while impurities give it certain colours. Almost every rock on earth has at least some part of Quartz in it.
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