Electrical Insulation Materials Exporters in India

Electrical Insulating Manufactures in India

Mica Scrap

Mica scrap is the nomenclature given to the irregular lumps of mica as received from the mines in various tinges like Ruby, Ruby black spotted, White & Green having a area between 1/4 "1/2" and 1,1/2.

Muscovite mica is invaluable in the electrical industry because of its unique combination of physical, chemical and thermal properties, low power loss factor, dielectric constant and dielectric strength. Mica is fireproof, Mica is a stable and completely inert to the action of water, acids, oils and solvents. It is virtually unaffected by atmospheric acid and chemicals. It has high dielectric strength with the ability to withstand 1,000-1, SOO volts per mil of thickness without puncturing. It possesses a low power factor (High Q of 0.01 to 0.03 %). It is unaffected by heat up between 500- 700 degrees C (or about 1300 degrees F.). At temperatures above 700 degrees C it begins to calcine and loses its water crystallization depending upon the quality of the mica.

This type of mica is mainly exported to electrical insulating mica parts manufacturing plants all over the world to be made into a pulp used for the manufacturing of mica paper and reconstituted mica plates, board, tapes, tubes, sheets, and other machine parts

Quartz (Silica)

Quartz crystals act as insulators with their high electrical resistivity which is said to reach anywhere from 105 to 1018 Om. In fact, quartz crystals are able to act as excellent insulators even at elevated temperature. Clear fused quartz is said to oppose electric current better than opaque or translucent types of quartz and rightly have higher values of electrical resistivity.

Based on the quartz crystals' insulating properties it is used as filler material for resins in electronic circuits. Being made of silicon it is also an intrinsic semiconductor. Microprocessor chips, transistors and anything that uses radio waves or is computerized will depend on semiconductors and, thus, may depend on quartz. Quartz is also considered a piezoelectric material and as such can have induced electric fields established across its surface after having external forces applied to it. Changing the external force exerted on a piezoelectric material will change the direction of the induced electromotive force produced by the electric field. As piezoelectric material, quartz is used in transducers, ultrasonic generators and echolocation devices.

China Clay (Kaolin)

Its electrically insulating but thermally conducting properties allow it to use for Electrical insulation, High voltage insulation components, electrical wires, EPDN rubber and others.

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