Adhesives, Sealants & Resins

Calcite (Calcium Carbonate) & Dolomite

In a wide range of trade and DIY adhesives, sealants, and decorating fillers. Most sealants and many adhesives include a ground calcium carbonate and Dolomite in the formulation as a filler to reduce costs and increase the solids level. They add body or viscosity but their contribution to thixotropy is insufficient for them to be used as the system's rheological control additive. Calcite also contributes to opacity, oil absorption and whiteness. Mineral fillers are used to improve mechanical properties, sagging resistance and rheology. The white marble powder is for wet-room sealants, fine and coarse powders are based on calcite for tile adhesives and grouts to surface treated fillers for moisture sensitive systems.

For products of similar median particle sizes, dolomites have slightly lower oil absorptions so allow higher loadings with lower viscosity build.

China Clay (Kaolin)

In adhesives & sealants, china clay give good barrier effects and rheology control. Controlling rheology influences the speed at which adhesive can be applied which is important in high speed paper laminating processes. The low surface hydroxyl content of calcined China Clay leads to a low moisture pick-up, resulting in excellent performance in moisture sensitive sealant applications. Calcined clay is also effective as structure building components.


It reduces cracking, shrinkage, moisture, gas permeability and improves heat resistance. Easily sprayable, improves acoustical properties and heat resistance.


Its special properties like platy, hydrophobic, inert fillers that can improve the weatherability and water resistance of chalks and sealants based on moderate durability polymers. Talc adds stability and smooth finishes to auto body fillers and tape joint compounds as well as stiffness and strength to adhesives.


In adhesives & sealants, feldspar improves performance for industrial coating applications using UV curable resins as it does not interfere with the curing process. The result is a harder, more chemically resistant surface.


Barite is dense, inert, sound & radiation-absorbing fillers for special sealants and adhesives.


It is also used for epoxy and adhesives manufacturing due to its characteristics Viscosity control, particle suspension, gel stability no effects on cure, assists in emulsion, and stabilization of water / oil emulsions.

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